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Wekiwa Springs, Apopka Florida

With emerald springs feeding the Wekiwa River and lush tropical hammocks, this park is close to downtown Orlando and perfect for observing wildlife or biking or hiking a trail.

The azure waters of Wekiwa Springs have made it Orange County’s longest-running tourist attraction.

From the dense, almost tropical hammocks near where the springs feed into the Wekiva River to the scenic sandhill uplands, the park offers ample opportunities to just chill out or take advantage of what the park offers. Quick check in at the Ranger Station and a handy map was handed to me.

Restrooms and Showers were pristine and must be regularly cleaned. Plenty of hot water and I never once saw another person when I was in the restroom. There were 3 or 4 showers and a nice bench outside the water spray to keep your clothing dry. Hooks on the wall kept your towel handy and dry. Soda machine right outside.

There is a nice one mile trail leading to the swimming spring. It is a little sandy but I got thru it on my bike. There are slash marks on the trees to keep you from getting lost.

I was told that the springs were jammed packed but the day I went swimming I was luckily the only one there. Perhaps it was because it was January and on a weekday. The spring was gorgeous and the temperature holds at 72 degrees. I was scared to go in because it was cold out but I didn't travel three hours not to take a swim. Cold getting in but then it was fabulous. I swam and relaxed in the spring for about forty minutes and I wasn't even cold when I got out until halfway back to my camp site it hit pretty hard. I biked right to the showers and took a twenty minute shower and I was fine!

So the campground is just so pretty and the trees are all old growth. I did see poison ivy (as shown below) so watch for that. I was glad I bought my little foldable bike so I was able to lock it to the fence and cover it for the storm.

The first night the ranger came over and told me he did not recommend me sleeping in my tent as we were about to be hit with a three hour thunderstorm. So I ended up camping in my car that night and the next night too because I had already planned to do that. I had my tent with me in case the weather changed (as it does in Florida) but I never put it up.

Very quiet campground and I got to relax a lot, ride my bike and walk around. This trip I purchased a Coleman Camp Oven and let me say I am thrilled with it.

The oven is basically an aluminum box with a thermostat on it. You turn on your camp stove and just sit the oven on top of the open flame and within 5.5 minutes, my oven was up to 400 degrees and I got to make me some biscuits with my Sausages.

In the morning I had eggs with leftover biscuits. So now I have so many more options for cooking at the campground.

All in all, a great three days at Wekiwa Springs!!


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