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I have always loved history. I am originally from New York and have been living in Florida for over 29 years. If you gave me a round trip ticket to New York, I would most likely spend the entire time walking up and down the crooked rows of an old cemetery, scouting out an historic old building somewhere down in Greenwich Village or checking out the Gargoyles on properties up in Washington Heights.

Although my love of New York history will never wane, there is much to discover and see in the great state of Florida. First occupied for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years by Native Americans, white settlers began arriving in the early to mid 17th century. These early pioneers lived in total isolation, other than venomous snakes, alligators, bears and wild cats, having very few neighbors and no medical facilities. Their only highway was not on the ground but on the sea.  Their sailboats took them where they needed to go and then there was always the threat of Indian or Pirate attacks. They withstood many hardships along the way as they held their machetes and broke thru the swamps blackened by mosquitos and built their homesteads while living off the land and created the diverse area that Florida is today.

This blog is my bird's eye view of my little travels throughout Florida, New York and other places I've been. There will also be stories of places that no longer exist except in history books and, pictures of a past and a people that may one day soon be forgotten. Once in awhile I will add little stories of other places I have been that are historic in their own way as well. 

Because of my love of history, I also have a love of cooking with Cast Iron Skillets. Used as a method of cooking for hundreds and hundreds of years throughout the world, cast iron fell out of favor in the 1960s and 1970s as Teflon coated cookware was introduced and quickly became the cookware of choice in modern kitchens.  But today, just like hundreds of years in the past, cast iron is once again valued as kitchen items for their durability and their ability to retain heat evenly, thus improving the quality of cooked meals. So, if you see a food post pop up it is because of my love for that old-fashioned and historic method of cast iron cooking.

Hope you enjoy my little corner of the world and stop in again as I will be constantly adding more bits and pieces of my explorations. Thanks for stopping in!  


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