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Fisheating Creek Outpost, Palmdale Florida

Updated: 4 days ago

Just returned home from the Fisheating Creek Outpost. It's in Glades County about 1/2 hour from Belle Glade off US 27 in Palmdale. As you come in you stop and check in at the Host Station. They have a lot of groceries, including ice. So if you forgot something they may have it. Get your pass and go to your site. I got Site 62, a favorite at the Outpost.

I saw plenty of gators but not on land. I'm sure they came up and visited in the night. My campsite was very roomy and I was right on the creek. All you hear are nature noises. It was a very peaceful place.

At night it gets really dark. You can hear all the fish action. They have very nice restrooms here and hot showers. There is even a Laundry Room. It is, however, very rustic. There is no electricity at the sites. Or water, either. There is a wash house with a commercial sink and a faucet that worked great. I had my bicycle so I used that to go back and forth washing hands and dishes.

The Outpost is run by the Wildlife Management Area (WMA). Between 1000 and 500 BC, the first known settled people along the creek were called the "Glade People". They lived by netting fish and harvesting turtles, snakes and gators. Off Banana Grove Road, in the same area, there are buriel mounds and archeologists say the people grew corn. If true, Fort Center would be one of the earliest examples of agriculture in the pre-Columbian Eastern United States.

I got my groceries together before I left. I bought a can of Biscuits, 4 eggs, 4 slices provole, butter, veggies marinating in balsamic to roast, a ciabatta, a baggie of sausage gravy and a baggie of home fries from the freezer. I had everything in the house except for the Portabellos and the Provolone so that was good.

First night I roasted all the veggies and really let them cook. I put it right on a hot ciabatta and had a good sandwich. Then late in the morning before I left, I made Sausage Biscuits and Gravy with home fries and eggs. It was so good.

This little Gas One Spider Stove is the best!! I was so excited to be cooking because I bought this new Jetboil 10" skillet and I was dying to give it a whirl. It did not dissappoint. Great pan! And I didn't use it with the Jetboil stove. I just used my Gas One Spider.

I rode my bike around a lot. Beautiful place to chill. I was so happy I bought my Jackery and a case of water with me.

Just make sure you have a nightlight for trips to the restroom.


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