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Montauk Point: Long Island, NY

Just a great place to shop and just walk around and enjoy the area.

I especially loved this Strawberry Fields Flower & Plant Shop. So colorful and the plants were all in bloom.

"Memory Motel" is a ballad song from rock band The Rolling Stones' 1976 album Black and Blue. The Memory Motel is in Montauk on Long Island. It's near The Church Estate, which Andy Warhol bought in 1972. The Stones stayed at Warhol's estate when they were on tour in 1975-'76. (They were good friends with Warhol, who designed the Sticky Fingers album cover.) Since the Memory Motel was the only place in the area with a pool table and a piano, that is where they hung out. The song "Memory Motel" in Montauk is said to be the inspiration for the song.

And if you are in the area, you must eat at John's Pancake House. A lot of stuff on the walls to keep you busy while waiting for your breakfast. Fast service and good food.


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