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Mattituck: Suffolk County, New York

Mattituck is believed to have derived its name from "Great Creek". Mattituck Creek has been dredged and is used extensively by pleasure craft on Long Island Sound. The Mattituck Inlet is the entrance into Mattituck Creek, and the whole waterway is now popularly referred to as Mattituck Inlet.

It is only one of two harbors (the other being Mt. Sinai harbor) on the north side of Long Island on the Sound east of Port Jefferson.

The town of Mattituck and adjoining Mattituck Creek are the only stopover point on the extensive north shore of Long Island between Plum Island and Mount Sinai Harbor. Mount Sinai Harbor is located 25 miles to the west of Mattituck Creek and Plum Island is 24 miles to the east. While many people make the long 40-mile boat journey from Plum Gut to Mount Sinai in one shot, those with a more leisurely pace in mind might prefer a stop in Mattituck. And what a great stop it is.

Old Bethany Cemetery located right in town

We stayed at Strong's Marina for a couple of days and it was a great stopping point. There is a very nice old-time like town that you can walk to which offers restaurants, stores and places to stock up on your boating provisions. Mattituck hosts an annual Strawberry Festival and is located in the heart of over 30 vineyards in the Long Island Wine Region. The festival is usually held on Father's Day weekend every year.


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