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Spinach, Feta and Ricotta Pie

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

I just love Spinach Pie and the addition of Ricotta makes it so much creamier. The good thing also is that you can make this pie in steps if you want to get some prep work done ahead of time. I always make my Spinach mixture the night before and cover it in the fridge. The next morning I will put the pie together, cover good with saran wrap and then bake it right before dinner time. You have to work quickly with the phyllo as it tends to dry out when you open the package. I use a very lightly dampened linen cloth to cover the phyllo while I am working and just lift the cloth to get another piece of phyllo and then drop the cloth to cover it again.


2O oz. of fresh Spinach

1/2 yellow onion, minced

2 stems of scallions, diced

4 cloves garlic, minced

1 Egg

6 oz. of Ricotta

Splash of Olive Oil

6 Tbsp Butter, melted

8 oz of Sheep's Feta

4 Tbsp fresh Dill, diced

Salt & Pepper

1/2 box of Phyllo Pastry

Pam cooking Spray


Saute the yellow onion and once a little browned add in the garlic and saute another 3 minutes and remove from heat and put in a large bowl to cool. In a pan with a little olive oil and a dash of salt, saute spinach and drain well.

Add drained Spinach to the bowl with the onions and garlic. Now add the scallions, the ricotta, the Feta, the egg, the Dill and season with Salt & Pepper. Mix it all up good., cover and refrigerate.

When you are ready to make the pie, melt butter in dish. I also spray a little pam in the cast iron pie plate before adding the phyllo. Open up the package of pastry and lay down one sheet and butter it well using a pastry brush making sure to get all the edges. Lift the phyllo and lay it into the pie plate.

Continue this with about a total of 6 sheets.

Now, spoon your spinach mixture into the pan and smooth it down so it is even all around the pan. Then continue laying down additional pieces buttered. You can start to scrunch them and keep adding to the top, with about another 6 sheets. Any overlapping pieces you will just lift and lay on top of the pie.

Butter the whole top of the pie and bake on 350 for about 45 minutes. Enjoy!!

Served tonight with Steak & Mashed Potatoes!


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