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Thanksgiving Trimmings Pie

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

So I made a big mistake in July. I booked all my camping sites for the winter not realizing that I had booked a site Monday thru Wednesday of Thanksgiving week. That means I won't be home until Thanksgiving around noon. So yesterday I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings and baked it into a pie this morning.

I bought just a Turkey breast because that is all I need. Rubbed it will Olive Oil and Baked to 170 degrees. I made a nice stuffing with mushrooms and onions combined with a bag of stuffing mix and a package of Brioche from Aldi's. I made a bowl of Mashed Potatoes and baked 2 very large Sweet Potatoes and mashed them with butter. Cooked a bag of String Beans with some Chicken Broth in the water and then drained well. I believe I am going to cut the pie in portions and freeze them on a cookie sheet and once frozen, bag them.

I also froze little souffle cups with extra gravy and I'll toss one in my cooler.

So, gather your ingredients. You can use whatever it that you like but these are what I chose.

When the Turkey was done, I used the drippings and the gravy package that came with the turkey and made a nice gravy. I added Kitchen Bouquet because I like a darker gravy.

Rolled out my dough and laid it into the bottom of a Springform pan. Next, I added an even layer of the Mashed Potatoes and drizzled gravy on top.

Next was the String Beans with a little more gravy.

Next layer Stuffing.

Next was Sweet Potatoes.

Then I added a little more gravy and then Whole Cranberry Sauce. I added a little more Turkey to absorb any liquids from the cranberries.

Cover the crust and Bake on 375 for 40 minutes. After the first 20 minutes, cover your crust and add a piece of foil on top. After 40 minutes are up, I raised the heat to 425, took the foil off and baked an additional 20 minutes. Done.

She came gorgeous!!

A slice of heaven!!



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