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Smoothie Prep

I've been trying to drink one smoothie a day at noon. It takes the edge off my hunger and holds me to dinner. They are so delicious so it isn't like it is a hardship.

I usually spend a couple of hours prepping, cleaning and then chopping up all of my fruit. I then take out my cookie sheets and lay down a piece of parchment paper on each sheet. Then I lay down an even layer of the fruit and into the freezer they go.

Once frozen, a couple of hours later I take the cookie trays out, lift up the paper and pour them into freezer bags. I then bang the bag on the counter to break them apart. Then just return the bags to the freezer.

For my smoothie, I take out a big handful of fruit out of my frozen bag and put it into my Ninja Blender.

I pour some Crystal light to cover the fruit, Hunza Nuts, Flaxseed, 1/2 of a small container of yogurt and a big handful of spinach. Then turn the Ninja on and you have a delicious smoothie.


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