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Gracie Watson: Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah Georgia

There once was a little girl named Gracie Watson. She was born in 1883. Her parents managed a luxury hotel in Savannah Georgia. She was the apple of their eye and to the hotel guests, she was the center of attention and brought smiles to everyone who met the little girl.

Well, a little before Easter in 1889, her parents had the 6-year old Gracie photographed wearing her new Easter dress. But sadly, little Gracie contracted pneumonia and died two days before Easter.

Her broken hearted parents had a sculpture carved as a monument to their girl using the Easter photograph as reference. Eventually, he and his wife moved back to New England from whence they came leaving Gracie all alone in the Savannah Cemetery.

People in the town were horrified that Gracie was left all alone in the cemetery with nobody to visit her grave. So everyone started visiting the grave, leaving gifts and always touching her sweet little button nose. Then people from out of town read about Gracie and started to visit and also couldn't help themselves by touching her little nose.

This happened so often that the sculpture's nose flattened and they had to erect a fence around dear Gracie.

If you are ever in the area, stop in and say hello to Gracie.


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