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Cracker Jack Turkey Legs

Made these Turkey Legs last year and will make it again soon. I picked up the cracker Jacks at the Dollar Store.


3 Turkey Legs

One Box of Cracker Jacks


Handful of Potato Chips

Butter, melted


Slap ya Mama Seasoning

Brown Rice

Can of Baked Beans


I used equal parts Cracker Jacks & Bisquick (and a big handful of Potato Chips) and put it all in the food processor to create a mix to dredge the legs in.

Rinse and pat dry the legs. Dry rub some Slap Ya Mama seasoning on the turkey legs.

Now dip the legs in the melted butter, then spread a layer of mayo on them. Now dredge them in the Cracker Jack mixture.

Put a little olive oil in the bottom of the skillet and cover with foil.

Bake on 365 for 2 hours. Served with brown rice and baked beans.

The turkey leg juices made Crackin' Good Gravy!


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