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Chicken Liver Pie

Updated: May 6, 2021

Since this was the first time in my life I got to spend Thanksgiving home alone, I decided to cook something I really like. And that is Chicken Liver Pie.

So this morning, I boiled 2 potatoes and mashed them with lots of butter and milk and put them in the fridge.

Then I made 2 Pie crusts and put them in the fridge.

Next, I gently fried up a pound of chicken livers coated slightly in flour, salt & pepper. I used vegetable oil and butter mixed to fry the liver. You just want to brown the outsides as the insides will cook in the pie. As that was frying I cut up some onions and mushrooms.

I love Mushroom Gravy and there is a restaurant nearby that has the best around. So I bought a pint of gravy from them and then I mixed up a packet of brown gravy from the supermarket and mixed them together and heated them up in my cast iron sauce pan.

Next, I drained the livers and dumped out most of the oil leaving just a little in the skillet. I added the mushrooms and onions and sautéed them for around 10 minutes.

Next, I added the liver back into the skillet and them added the pot of gravy to it. Mixed it up well, added a bunch of fresh parsley and a little more salt & pepper. Cover and remove from heat. I let it sit there for around an hour and then put it into a bowl and into the fridge.

So, now this evening, I rolled out the dough and laid the bottom piece into the bottom of my cast iron pie pan.

Then I added in the mashed potatoes and pressed them down. Next, I added in the bowl and liver & gravy. Next, roll out the top dough and add to the pie pan.

Bake on 375 for ~25 minutes. Add a piece of foil to the top of the [pie to prevent the crust from browning too fast. Back n the oven for 20 minutes and then remove the foil and let it go until browned.



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