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Brown Butter Pappardelle with Chorizo & Bacon

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

So my son came over last night with 2 bags of ingredients. Looking at the items, I had no idea what he was up to. I guess the heavy cream threw me off (which he never used!!). We both agreed, after dinner, that Pine Nuts would have been a good addition to this dish. For this dish I have listed the ingredients he used and the steps he made to create the most delicious bowl of pasta!!


One bag of Pappardelle (he brought one bag for next time)

Save 2 cups of pasta water

Jar of Garlic

Package of Chorizo Sausage, Save 3 Tbsp of Grease

Tube of Anchovy Paste

Bacon (about 12 slices), Save 3 Tbsp of Grease

Trentingrana cheese

Fresh Parsley

Kerry Butter cheese ever!


Cook Pappardelle pasta in salted boiling water and put to the side. SAVE 2 CUPS OF PASTA WATER!!

In a cast iron skillet on medium heat, cook off the bacon. Save grease. Chop up bacon and put to the side.

In a cast iron skillet on medium heat, sauté Chorizo. Remove Chorizo and save grease. Slice chorizo in 1" pieces and put to the side.

Add about 3 Tbsp of garlic to the Chorizo grease until toasty but not burnt. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain.

So at this point, here is what you have done....bacon crumbled, Chorizo sliced, Parsley chopped and garlic drained of grease.

Now, dump out all of the grease you saved except for about 3 Tbsp of each and put it in one of the skillets.

In the same skillet on medium heat, add 5 ounces of Kerry butter and about one cup of pasta water until butter melts. Add in a big squirt of the anchovy paste. Add in the toasted the garlic. Add in the bacon and the chorizo. Add in the cooked pasta. Add in about 5 Tbsp of chopped parsley. Grate about 1/2 cup of the Trentingrana cheese right over the skillet.

Side note: If it is still a little dry, add a little more of the pasta water, but not too much!

Side Note2: You could also drizzle olive oil on top into the skillet.

Now just sauté it to combine. Grate some more of the Trentingrana cheese over the skillet.


Empty the skillet into a big bowl and serve.



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