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Brie & Kahlua Salmon

This has to be the best Salmon I have ever had. My sister-in-law makes a Brie & Kahlua dip with crackers every Christmas. She bakes the brie and then makes a syrup using Kahlua & Brown Sugar. Then when it is just about ready, she add pecans to the Kahlua syrup. Me & my son basically sit at that dish until we can't eat anymore.

So I went to Costco and bought the 1.3 pound block of Brie a couple of weeks ago and all day I kept wondering how this would taste on top of Salmon. So I made the syrup, baked the Brie and grilled myself a Salmon filet and laid it on some slightly sautéed fresh market spinach. The cheese was so hot and soft that it spooned lovely over the fish and then I just drizzled the hot Kahlua syrup over the top. Served with some extra Brie and crackers. It was marvelous!


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