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Boy's Market: Delray Beach, Florida

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The Boys Market in Delray Beach is the best farmer's market in South Florida. They really go out of their way to produce and sell the best produce, cooked foods, meats, seafood and deli items.

I was so nervous when the pandemic hit because I was afraid I would have to shop elsewhere for my cooking needs. The Boys have taken all the same safety precautions the grocery chains have. They enforce masking, mandate social distancing, etc. but they also made some changes that even the large chains didn't; such as investing in a cart sanitizer, limiting the number of shoppers inside at one time, mandating the use of hand sanitizer before entering and they even started doing curbside pick up!

I noticed that the major chain supermarkets approached the pandemic differently. Their prices rose and the shelves emptied pretty quick. They passed the cost of the pandemic on to the customer. A lot of items doubled and not just paper goods.

However, Boys Market kept things real. They made you feel safe shopping in their store with all the new changes and protocols but they did not increase their prices. Everything was just wonderful and that is the reason why they are so appreciated everyday by their customer base.

Their bakery is to die for. Everything fresh everyday and includes pastries, cakes & fresh breads. The deli is fantastic offering top grade meats and fresh made salads.

Their fish market is loaded with fresh local fish. The fresh produce department has vegetables from all over and everything is fresh. I have never seen a rotten tomato or a bad potato.

It is like everything is hand picked and put on the shelf. They have every kind of cheese and wines and Italian specialties and canned sauces from Italy. Even their coffees are ground fresh and they must have at least 30 different blends. They have a fresh fruit department that always have at least six people cutting and packaging their goods. They also offer fresh daily dinners that are so delicious and sold by the pound.

I can't say enough about Boys Market. Thank you Boys!


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