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The Sundy House: Delray Beach, Florida

John Shaw Sundy became a city pioneer on the day in 1898 when he stepped off a train heading south. Sundy was a construction superintendent for Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway.

This Victorian, Queen Anne-style house is the oldest house in Delray Beach and was built by John Sundy in 1902 out of Dade County pine. John built it for his family and they lived here for nearly 80 years.

Sundy became the first mayor of the city, incorporated in 1911, and was elected eight times. His wife, Elizabeth, was chairwoman of the town's first board of education.

The Sundy House now serves as a Boutique Inn, restaurant & Tropical Gardens. You do not need to be a guest to enjoy brunch or dinner.

The gardens out back is named the Taru Garden and consists of a full acre of botanical beauty, featuring more than 5,000 plants and over 500 varieties of foliage from all over the world. The paths lead to gazebos and benches hidden among streams and waterfalls. Great place to romance that special someone!


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