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The Morikami Museum: Delray Beach, Florida

The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens is a center for Japanese arts and culture located at 4000 Morikami Park Rd. in Delray Beach, Florida.

The campus includes two museum buildings, the Roji-en Japanese Gardens: Garden of the Drops of Dew, a bonsai garden, library, gift shop, and a Japanese restaurant, called the Cornell Cafe, which has been featured on the Food Network.

Rotating exhibits are displayed in both buildings, and demonstrations, including tea ceremonies and classes, are held in the main building. Traditional Japanese festivals are celebrated several times a year.

The park and museum are named after George Morikami, a native of Miyazu, Japan, who donated his farm to Palm Beach County to be used as a park. George Morikami was the only member of the Yamato Colony, Florida to stay in Delray Beach after World War II. The Museum was opened in 1977, in a building that is now named the Yamato-kan. The principal museum building opened in 1993. Construction of the Roji-en gardens began in 1993.

The Morikami Park, which includes the museum, is 188 acres. There is one picnic pavilion and six smaller picnic shelters and a playground. The Morikami Museum and Gardens host a number of Japanese-influenced festivals each year, including the Lantern Festival in October. The Lantern Festival also features an annual drum performance and an interactive dance routine. Visitors personalize their lanterns for goals of the year and release them into the central lake after sunset.


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