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The Andrew's House: Boynton Beach, Florida

306 SE 1st Avenue, Boynton Beach, Florida

All wood construction and built in 1901 or as late as 1907, this house is Boynton Beach's oldest residence. So, Charles Andrews served in the Confederate Army under a different name.....he used the name Benjamin F. Green.

He marries a woman, Katie, who was 42 years younger than him. The family, with their 2 sons, ran a grocery store in Boynton. Charles dies in 1922 and his wife starts collecting his Civil War pension. She collected it until 1971 making her the last Civil War pensioner in Palm Beach County. Her son George moved into the house and he died in 1993.

The house was then boarded up until 1998, when Bob Katz bought the house and moved it to its current location. Then Bob dies at 50 years old in 2006 leaving the house again unoccupied. It is located next to a storage place right off Dixie Highway and the railroad tracks.

I hope someone buys it soon!!

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