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Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters park is located in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I absolutely loved the setup for camping. They give you a large tent that seemed to be a 12' x 12' and it had a beautiful hardwood floor in it. Every tent is right on the water. Lots of privacy and it is a very nice way to just unwind and relax with a good book.

Each tent has WIFI, an electrical outlet, a water faucet, a fire ring and a BBQ. Every couple of tents over there are restrooms (which are very clean) with hot showers. Of course, I have a Coleman butane stove but if you don't have that, just bring your charcoal.

What I particularly liked about the park was the bike trails. I brought my bike with me and had a lot of fun and exercise riding thru the park. The tent area was so big I brought my bike inside when bed time came.

The park felt very safe, relaxing and very quiet. It was very hot in the evening but they have plenty of restrooms close to your tent with hot showers available at no cost. So a late shower, plenty of baby powder and it was good night nurse. I have a rechargeable fan so that helped and a solar light so I was able to read in the tent before bed. I also carry my portable toilet so I don't have to walk thru the camp every half hour.

All in all, a great couple of days. Campsites are $45 a night and well worth the money.


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