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Mounts Botanical Gardens .............Lego Exhibit............

I have been visiting Mounts gardens for many years. I have never seen them look more beautiful and healthy as I did today. The fish pond was active and everything was in bloom.

There were butterflies all over the place. I wanted to catch the Lego Art exhibit and it did not disappoint. The exhibit is called "A Season of Awe & Wonder.

Mounts Botanical Gardens was named in honor of Marvin U. “Red” Mounts, who served Palm Beach County Extension and Palm Beach County farmers for over 40 years.

He established and cared for the Garden’s collection of fruit trees to help produce new food resources that could help families overcome vitamin deficiencies. By 1964 there were 69 fruit producing trees growing on site. There are so many more native Florida growing here today.

A very nice day!!


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