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Mary Brickell Park: Miami, Florida

This park is located at 501 Brickell Avenue

Visiting Brickell park last week, it sure was crazy seeing this mausoleum just sitting there in the center of the high rise buildings.

Brickell Park is one of Miami's earliest parks, having been deeded to the City by one of the most influential pioneer family in 1924. From the time of their arrival in Miami, the Brickells purchased and accumulated land south of the Miami River and Fort Lauderdale.

They opened a trading post located at the mouth of the Miami River. However, it was their real estate holdings that made the family wealthy.

The Mausoleum is the only surviving structure that is directly connected to the Brickell family and is situated on land they once owned on Brickell Point.

At one time the Brickell Mausoleum held the remains of William Brickell, who died in 1908 and his wife Mary Brickell, who died in 1922 and their daughter Edith Brickell. Edith died of pneumonia via the influenza at in 1918. This mausoleum was their private family cemetery located on their homestead.

In 1948, however, daughter Maude E. Brickell complained that the nights were too noisy at the mausoleum location and moved the remains of the family members to Woodlawn Cemetery.


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