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Jupiter Lighthouse Cemetery: Jupiter, Florida

Right to the left of the Jupiter Lighthouse, next to the Caretaker cottage, sits a little cemetery. You just walk down this little path that leads to the cottage and you will see the small fenced in cemetery.

The cemetery doesn’t contain the actual remains of the children. It commemorates the deceased children of keepers, who were buried elsewhere on the property and the locations are unknown.

OUR BABIES: The one headstone labeled Our Babies is for the two stillborn children of Katherine and Joseph Wells, who was the Assistant Lighthouse Keeper under Capt. Armour in the 1890s.

Although the location of the actual burial site is unknown, this little fenced cemetery commemorates the three young children of Lighthouse Keepers who lived and died on this location throughout the Lighthouse's history. It has a wonderful view right on the northern bank of the Loxahatchee River.

RICHARD ERIKSSON: The two year old son of Maggie & John E. Eriksson, who served as lighthouse keeper from 1906 to 1908.

RIP Sweet Babies!!


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