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Johnnie Brown & Addison Mizner: Palm Beach, Florida

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Down this breezeway to the left.....

Outside the rear gates of Via Mizner, right off Worth Avenue, sit two marked burial sites on the island of Palm Beach.

Formerly the Worth Avenue villa of Addison Mizner, the grave of Johnnie Brown, Mizner's monkey, is off to the side in the patio area of the Pizza al Fresco Restaurant.

Johnnie Brown on left and Laddie on the right

The area now surrounding his villa is an upscale shopping meca for the rich and famous within a maze of gorgeous gardens and courtyards. The two beautiful and lavish iron gates have monkeys embellished on them.

Mizner, who on more than one occasion said he loved animals and trees more than anything else, together with a group of locals, established Palm Beach County’s first Animal Rescue League, with Johnnie Mizner as a member.

Mizner & Johnnie Brown on his shoulder

The organization eventually became the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League.

When Addison died in 1933, Via Mizner was purchased by socialites Rose and Morton Sachs, who lived in its villa for the next fifty years. Buried next to Johnnie Brown is the Sachs' dog, Laddie, who died on December 1, 1959.



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