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Hollywood Boardwalk Bike Ride

Perfect day on the Hollywood Boardwalk. The weather was wind and plenty of sunshine. I had my bike with me but we had to pick one up for my girlfriend because I couldn't fit 2 bikes in my car.

This is a good starting point if you need to rent a bicycle. The picture above is Johnson Street and it is right next door to the hotel Margaritaville. Rent the bike and ride right onto the Boardwalk. The rate was $20.00 for 3 hours.

We headed north on the boardwalk for a couple of miles to the end. Then you come to a great shaded wide street that had very little traffic. We continued north until we came to the Marine Environmental Center at the Carpenter House, parked our bikes and went inside. There was no fee.

Inside it was focused on Coral Reefs, Environmental awareness and they had a couple of sea turtles that live there.

We left there and went to the end of the street and crossed over A1A and came to Whisky Creek. We headed back south taking the boardwalks adjacent to the creek.

It was all so calm and relaxing out there and we never passed another soul.

We then headed back to the Hollywood Boardwalk and stopped for lunch. We had Pizza and Meatballs and it was pretty good. Kept seeing this guy dressed in a Captain outfit and his bke was tricked out.

Then we returned the bike and headed home but first we stopped for a Cuban Coffee. It was so good. Perfect ending to a beautiful day.


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