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Green Cay Wetlands: Boynton, Fl.

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Green Cay is a wetlands and a Nature Center located at 12800 Hagen Ranch Rd, in Boynton Beach, FL. Did I mention it is free to visit?

Inside the Nature Center building you can watch a movie which describes how this wetlands functions. Kids can also see real turtles in a habitat they have set up inside.

But basically it is just a great place to unwind and take a nice long walk and see nature at it's finest.

Green Cay functions as a water treatment plant, a bird sanctuary and a fabulous area for people to enjoy.

There are interpretive signs along the way describing trees, flowers and birds. Everything of course is native to Florida.

You can get real close to the birds without having a fancy lens.

Turtles too!!

It is also a great place to walk off them calories after a hearty breakfast. With an elevated boardwalk allowing for a short or medium length walk to see the wildlife you will find yourself swept away and forgetting the busy roads left behind.

Plenty of parking (a lot of it is shaded!) so come give it a go!!


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