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Grassy Waters Preserve: The Hog Hammock Bike Trail

Great morning bike ride today. The address for parking on the trail is 8537 Northlake Blvd. If you take I-95 to Blue Heron exit and go west to 710W. When you go about 3 miles make a left onto Northlake Blvd and it's about a mile down that road. The trail opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 5:30 PM.

There is great parking at the address above and restrooms. Make sure you put some bug repellant on because there are mosquitos. I wasn't annoyed by them while I was riding but when a stopped a couple of times they were right there.

Packed gravel trail surface throughout is perfect for hiking and biking. Leave your pets home because there are no pets allowed. I have a beach cruiser with fat tires and I had a lovely ride with no problems.

There were a lot of nice trees out there thus giving the trail plenty of shade. There were a lot of birds and I saw a nice turtle sunning himself on the trail.

Make sure you are watching the trail so you don't hit any of these guys.

There are sections of boardwalks along the trail and also rain shelters and some benches. There are interpretive signs explaining certain areas and it is a very quiet place.

The trail goes around lake and heads back to the road and parking lot. I was totally alone and never saw another person. THUMBS UP on this trail!


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