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E.W.F. Stirrup House: Charles Avenue, Coconut Grove, Miami

Ebenezer Woodbury Franklin Stirrup migrated from the Bahamas to South Florida in 1888. He was the illegitimate child of his Bahamian servant mother and her wealthy white employer, from whom he took the Stirrup name. A nine-year-old Stirrup was left in the care of relatives when his mother died and determined to advance, Stirrup saved his meager earnings and in 1888, at the age of 15, emigrated to Key West where he apprenticed as a carpenter with his uncle, and learned the skills of woodworking and construction. He also worked as a laborer in a pineapple field in South Dade. He ultimately became a millionaire Coconut Grove property owner.

He then returned to his native Bahama to marry his childhood sweetheart, Charlotte Jane Sawyer. Stirrup built his home in Coconut Grove, using all his construction skills to create an impressive, yet understated, residence for his family. Mr. Stirrup lived in the house until his death at 84 years old in 1957, a total of 58 years.

The home is currently under renovations.

This house is located on old Evangelist Street, which is now called Charles Avenue. Notably, the cemetery is located on the same street and is named after his wife. He and other families had purchased the land that was to become Charlotte Jane Cemetery and where both husband and wife are buried.

The house is located on Charles Avenue.

The cemetery is a five minute walk on the same street.


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