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Dogtrot Style Cracker Homes

A dogtrot house historically consisted of two log cabins connected by a breezeway or "dogtrot", all under a common roof. Typically, one cabin was used for cooking and dining, while the other was used as a private living space, such as a bedroom.

As time progressed, Cracker houses began to get larger, as additional buildings were added to original structures as families also got larger.

Osceola, Florida

Most times the kitchen would be on one side and the bedrooms on the other. This had the advantage of added space without sacrificing the cooling breeze, a necessity in the state before air conditioning which didn't arrive until the 1950s and 60s.

This style of home offered not only a shady spot in which to relax (and for a dog to trot thru), but a cool breeze of air could be drawn into the warmer nearby interior spaces by opening the doors and windows facing it. This passive cooling effect — stirring up breezes — was the real reason the housing type gained such popularity in the hot, humid climate of the southern U.S.

Dogtrot houses seem to be making a comeback......


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