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Updated: May 24, 2021

Situated about two miles south of the Miami River, along the shore of the bay, is one of perhaps Miami’s most interesting historic sites– the Devil’s Punch Bowl. Located on what now is private property in the 3000 block of Brickell, the Punch Bowl was a fresh water spring close to the shore.

The historic watering hole has quenched the thirsts of Indians, explorers, pirates and pioneers throughout the centuries. Ships would fill up their kegs with the cool water to take on their trips.

A 1923 article in the Miami Herald featuring the punch bowl, reporting that early Grove pioneer Commodore Ralph Munroe said the Punch Bowl was a watering hole as long as his memory reaches. It also mentioned that in the memories of Mrs. Mary Brickell, a one time owner of the site, that the punch-bowl has always been in existence, antedating their possession of the land.

The spring was circular and rock-enclosed, giving it a bowl shape, and it was about four to five feet deep and three feet in diameter at the top. The site is located just south of today's Wainright Park and immediately north of Vizcaya.

The property is now listed on Zillow, where it makes mention of a "Punchbowl well".

FROM ZILLOW: 150 feet on Biscayne Bay - sweeping views. 1.532 acres almost .62 Hectares 66,734 sq ft. Main House 7406 square feet & 1 bed/1 bath guesthouse, 865 sq ft, outdoor half bath. "Punchbowl" well, plaster & wood moldings, many original features including marble entry foyer, fireplaces & fountain. Huge ficus tree shades home. Enchanting tree-lined street at edge of vibrant Brickell area. Expansive bay views from many rooms, beautiful sunrises & great views of fireworks.


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