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Delray Beach Market

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Took a ride into town today to visit the new Delray Beach Market.

Loved this huge take-out container

Inside are a bunch of different restaurants and bakeries serving pizza, burgers, Asian, seafood, BBQ, Deli goods, healthy food items and different stores with ice cream, pastries and other desserts.

Pretty convenient all under one roof but I couldn't help feeling that I was inside a mall somewhere in America.

I didn't have anything to eat because I had just had lunch on the Avenue and I was walking my pizza off when I noticed the market. Maybe next time! Not sure if I would pay to park just to eat here but I may stop in for dessert if I am again on the avenue.

I also checked out the new painted pavers right off the Avenue, now called "Pride Intersection" and it was really very nicely done.


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