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Chalet Suzanne: Lake Wales, Florida

Chalet Suzanne is a historic site in Lake Wales, Florida. Built in 1925. On July 24, 1990, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

I took my mother here maybe 15 years ago and it was so wonderful. Below is the room we stayed in.

We spent the night at their inn and had a delicious dinner.

In 1943 the Chalet was largely destroyed by fire. Owners quickly rebuilt it using salvaged parts from the horse stables, a game room, servants’ quarters and a chicken house. This unusual design had 14 different levels. This property features a landing strip (Runway 18).

Chalet Suzanne Runway 18

The business and property are up for sale as a result. As of May 2016, current owners Eric and Dee Hinshaw have turned down offers from property developers who wanted to build houses, hoping that someone with a "grand vision for the property" will purchase it.


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