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Bike Path: Burlington, Vermont

Just got back from a week trip to Vermont. I rented a bicycle for 4 days and had such a great time on the Burlington Bikeway. I rented the bicycle at Local Motion Bike Rentals which is about a 3-minute ride to the beginning of the Bikeway. Very convenient, great price and a great bunch of college kids running the place.

The Bikeway is located right in town real close to Church Street. I rode the 7.4 miles on Burlington Greenway and arrived at Airport Park in Colchester. From there, I rode another 4 miles of the Causeway Bike Path.

The Greenway was a great ride. The ocean on one side and mountains and homes on the other side. A great path with no bumps and no interruptions.

The Causeway Bike Path

The causeway Bike Path was also excellent. You pick up the path to the left of Airport Park. There are restrooms and a cold water fountain to fill up your bottle at the park.

Then you continue on to the causeway. The path has beautiful views with water on both sides. I got too tired to make it to the bike ferry. Excellent ride!!

Stunning views and a fun ride on this old bridge.


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