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This morning I had to take a ride up to Jupiter to drop off some donations that a couple of friends gave to me for my favorite thrift store Furry Friends. After that, I drove to this new store I heard about called "At Home". OMG. This store is located at 100 Gander Way, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403

I have never been in a bigger home and patio goods type of store in my life. It dwarfs Costco. It has to be at least three times the size. Wow! Selections like crazy!!

This warehouse makes it so easy to browse comfortably and everything in in such great easy to find areas. They get 1000’s of new arrivals every month and there are just endless aisles after aisles of everything you could possibly need for your home.

These are just the black and grey throw pillows!! They have aisles of every color!!

The next aisle is the yellow and green ones!! LOL

They have cast iron skillets and dutch ovens at very good prices and many of them are enameled. Every utensil you are looking for whether it is for your kitchen or your BBQ. Dishes, glassware, cups. Geez. The place must be fairly new because there were only about 5 of us shopping in the store.

They have space saving tables, chairs, patio furniture galore with aisles of every color cushion you could possible want and every color outdoor umbrellas too. They have outdoor and indoor rugs. They have a whole wicker department of baskets galore. They have planters and pots for every size plant you may have.

The only thing missing is me selling hot dogs from a pushcart out front!!


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