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Updated: May 24, 2021

If you travel to old cemeteries like I do, it is worth noting the Woodmen of The World statues and what they mean. It is pretty well guaranteed that you will find these in just about any cemetery in Florida you visit.

The Woodmen of the World organization (WOW) was probably best known for its gravestones. From 1890 to 1900, WOW’s life insurance policies had a provision that provided for the grave markers, free of charge for members. From 1900 to the mid- 1920’s, members purchased a $100 rider to cover the cost of the monument. By the mid-20’s, the organization had discontinued the grave marker benefit due to the increased cost of the stones.

“Dum Tacet Clamet,” meaning, “Though silent, he speaks”

was inscribed on the log.

This one above is Walt Disney's Grandparents

at rest at the Ponceannah Cemetery in Lake County.

If you saw the movie "About Schmidt" Jack Nicholson plays a guy who had just retired from the WOW Insurance company.


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