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Pierced Ciderworks: Fort Pierce

Took my bike into Fort Pierce and rode all around the town. Pictured below is a cool FEC Mural in Fort Pierce .... it was painted by the Blue Sky Art Gallery in 1995.

Saw this place called the Pierced Ciderworks is located at 411 N. Second St. (in the Edgartown area) in my travels. Originally this area was called Fishing Village.

The areas first cidery opened in 2018 and is owned by Jon Nolli. Hard cider is an alcoholic drink of fermented apple juice. (Fort) Pierced Ciderworks is located in the historic part of downtown Fort Pierce area known as Edgartown. The 117 year old building, originally owned by the famous photographer and pineapple grower Harry Hill, has been converted into a unique cidery.

I didn't get to go inside because it was early morning but I will next time! The inside of the car was pretty cool with taps.

Found a couple of pictures online of Harry Hill (1865-1937) and his son Lowell....the picture with the pineapples in it was taken right in front of their house, which is now the Pierced Ciderworks. The whole area right along the Indian River, from Vero Beach to Stuart, were all pineapple plantations. Pictured with his son walking among his pineapples.


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