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A man's home is a castle: Wellington, Florida

So Bruce Woods was down at the local library reading one of those coffee table editions of Irish Castles. He was blown away by a picture of a castle in Cork Ireland called Lohort Castle, built in 1184.


The owner of Lohort Castle became King John of England. Later, Oliver Cromwell’s cannons smashed it and the IRA burned it in 1922.

So, in the early 1990's, Bruce plunked down $35,000, purchased five acres of swamp in unincorporated Palm Beach County smack in the middle of Wellington's elite horse country, pitched a tent with his dogs and started his 4-bedroom, 4,500 square-foot dream castle. Not bad for a guy who lived on the streets of Fort Lauderdale 5 years earlier.

It was quite an experience arriving at the gates of the castle. There is no moat but there is a nice pond to the left of the property. The area is quite lovely with all horse farms and ranchettes all around. His property backs up to the Wellington Environmental Preserve at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Everglades Habitat.


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